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Autodesk Inventor 2012 Update from 2011

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Cost & other details of this Course

Course Contents:

1. User Interface and Productivity
Course Introduction
User Interface and Productivity
Inventor Help Experience
Marking Menu Introduction
Marking Menu Procedure
Marking Menu Project
Dialog Boxes
Select Other – Behavior
Enhanced Mini-Toolbars
Enhanced Mini-Toolbars Procedure
Dynamic Sectioning
Dynamic Sectioning Procedure
Dynamic Sectioning Project
Visual Styles Description
Visual Styles Procedure
Visual Styles Project
Extended Feature Names
Extended Feature Names Procedure
Extended Feature Names Project
High Speed Drawing Views
Change View Orientation
Rotate Drawing Views with Sketches
Drawing Views Procedure
Drawing Views Project
Origin Mark for Ordinate Dimension Sets
Wizard to Copy iLogic Designs
Custom User Interface Forms
Custom User Interface Forms Project
2. Enhanced Modeling
Enhanced Modeling
2D Sketch
2D Sketch Project
Boundary Patch Command
Boundary Patch Command Procedure
Boundary Patch Command Project
G2 Variable Radius Fillets
G2 Variable Radius Fillets Procedure
G2 Variable Radius Fillets Project
Edit Alias Freeform Body
Edit Alias Freeform Body Procedure
Edit Alias Freeform Body Project
Mirror Fillets
Mirror Fillets Project
Face Draft Enhancements
Face Draft Enhancements Project
Display Failed Feature
Display Failed Feature Procedure
Boss Enhancements
Boss Enhancements Project
Project to 3D Sketch
Project to 3D Sketch Procedure
Project to 3D Sketch Project
Rib Enhancements
Rib Enhancements Project
Sweep Along Edge
Sweep Along Edge Procedure
Sweep Along Edge Project
Design View Representations in Parts
Design View Representations in Parts Procedure
Design View Representations in Parts Project
3. Interoperability
AutoCAD Import
Updated Translators
Model Repair Tools
Rhino File Translation
Rhino File Translation Procedure
Rhino File Translation Project
BIM Exchange
OmniClass Table
BIM Exchange Procedure
BIM Connectors
BIM Connectors Procedure
BIM Project
4. Sustainability
Eco Materials Adviser
Eco Materials Adviser Project

Cost & other details of this Course

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